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Manufacturer of Spa
Open your directions to the life with our wide range of spas…


Ligne Evolution
The line Evolution is an invitation in the serenity and in the plenitude...


Prestige Sanitaire
Interior designer of the luxury bath. Bathrooms, showers, furniture...


The Bath MEDICALYS is a high-tech balneotherapy bathtub...


Exhibition Lyon
Bathrooms, a center of Hydro-Balneo tests, service, a privileged reception and the smile...

Manufacturer Faucet factory
A range of Faucet factory for the luxury bathroom...


Douche @ dom
Replace your bathtub by a shower...


DESIGN PERTOSA Bathroom has for will to create for all spaces of wellness, relaxation, sensual pleasures. Our products dedicated to the bathroom, will seduce you by their beauty, their quality, their cutting edge technology.

Authentic French manufacturer and of great fame, carrying out today, for you, the concept of your dreamed, custom-made product, entirely as you imagined. Realization of the models 3D of your future space baths, flexible as one pleases, until finding the idea which corresponds to you more! Flexible furniture of bathroom, choose the completions which you wish among an infinity of colors and of matters. More than one space baths, create with us a space of wellness and comfort, where each small detail in its importance.
Presentation of the shower zenia having an exclusive system of chromotherapy: an intense game of light exploiting our emotions. Red with trend stimulate, blue to be released, the orange to convey joy… each color was selected according to thorough studies of the effects of the light on the body and the spirit.
The sensory showers, by the best of the vertical massages, will grant to you one moment out of time in overflowings of perfumes and colors.

We also propose you the discovery of luxury items to the unique therapeutic benefits combining comfort and design, as well as a bath-tub high-tech balneotherapy, with a patented system, developed by our center of studies, unique by its technology, which proposes personalized massages for each family member, programmed in a smart card.

A massage personalized for harmonious curves… Discover our range of spas unique, with a system of smart card patented in order to provide you the massage which corresponds more to your needs.

Conceived such as the Finns appreciate it, our saunas will fill the most demanding. Our experts select the part of the Finnish spruce most required, almost exempts resin and strongly impregnated of the scent of the forest.

Our products are exclusively designed and manufactured in our workshops in France. Our know-how is carried by professionals qualified and specialized in the design and the drawing computer-assisted, the graphics, the electronics, the electricity, the plumbing, the painting and the joinery.

SAS Pertosa Design - siret 528 243 827 - Capital 40 000 € - N° TVA FR07528243827