• D_Meuble colorFurniture "color"
  • D_Colonne CubeColumn Cube
  • D_Infinea 1Spa Infinea
  • D_Meuble EnkaFurniture Enka
  • D_Douche senso 1Sensory shower
  • D_Sauna 2Sauna
  • D_Meuble blancFurniture "white"
  • D_Infinea 3Spa Infinea
  • D_Baignoire 1Bathtub Enka
  • D_Hammam 1Hammam
  • D_Sauna 1Sauna
  • D_CubeSpa Cube
  • D_Meuble vagueFurniture "wave"
  • D_Bain Spa 1Bath Spa
  • D_MedicalysBathtub Medicalys
  • D_Infinea 2Spa Infinea
  • D_Meuble laboFurniture "lab"
  • D_Meuble Evo RainureFurniture "grooved"
  • D_AlyseeSpa Alysée
  • D_Meuble vitamineFurniture "vitamin"
  • D_Vasque 1Basin Enka
D_Meuble color1 D_Colonne Cube2 D_Infinea 13 D_Meuble Enka4 D_Douche senso 15 D_Sauna 26 D_Meuble blanc7 D_Infinea 38 D_Baignoire 19 D_Hammam 110 D_Sauna 111 D_Cube12 D_Meuble vague13 D_Bain Spa 114 D_Medicalys15 D_Infinea 216 D_Meuble labo17 D_Meuble Evo Rainure18 D_Alysee19 D_Meuble vitamine20 D_Vasque 121
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The research of the greater comfort remains our concern first.

Our know-how rests today on :

> Knowledge

Water is source of wellness. In the form of liquid, from vapor or ice, water will be used to mass, purify, wrap, relax, warm… To the ancestral principles of the spas or hammams come to be added new knowledge in term of chromotherapy, of aromatherapy and techniques of horizontal or vertical massages, releasing or energizers and looking after. Water is then used to convey an odor, to reflect the lights, the colors for the benefits of the body and the spirit. The capitalization of old and contemporary knowledge are at the base of our creations in the sector of the wellness and the lifestyle.

> Artisanal and technological competences

The simple and intelligent alliance of a advanced technology and an artisanal design makes of our creations unique pieces.

> A quality design...

A fashionable design is carefully thought for all volumes, interiors or outsides. The artisanal work of the noble materials as the stone or the resin guarantees to the models created sober and soft pure lines. The quality of wood and lacquers used for the clothes industry of the furniture is for us a selection criterion impossible to circumvent.

> Creations « High tech » ...

Certain creations are equipped with components of high technology: They are for example intelligent systems balneotherapy which propose massages with the exclusive and patented concept adapting to the morphology and the medical needs for the user. Sensory showers equipped with sound system, chromotherapy, diffusion of fragrances and multi-jets or, fountains of ice and beds of rain are also proposed…

> The unicity and originality of custom-tailored products...

That they involve shower, bathtub, spa or hammam, we offer to our customer a personalized creation: in addition to the size and the color, it will be able to choose one or more options in the range suggested. Some spas will be embeded, on the surface of terrace or put on the floor.

> Our products are exclusively designed and manufactured in our workshops in France.

Our know-how is carried by professionals qualified and specialized in the design and the drawing computer-assisted, graphics, electronics, electricity, plumbing, painting and joinery.

- SAS Pertosa Design - siret 528 243 827 - Capital 40 000 € - N° TVA FR07528243827 -